Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zodiac Signs

Characters symbols-
Ying Ying St. Clair- Tiger
Lena St. Clair- Tiger
Waverly- Rabit
Lindo- Horse

Rat- Pro: Smart, Wealthy, Flexibility, Adaptable, Materialistic, Tidy Con: Timid, Lack Stability, Year: 2013
Oz- Pro: Honest, Industrious Con: Poor at communication, Prudish, Distant Upcoming Year: 2010
Tiger- Pro: Tolerant, Trustworthy, Con: Short tempered, Conflict with authority. Upcoming Year: 2011
Rabbit- Pro: Hope, Gentle, Sensitive, Modest Con: Stubborn, escape reality. Upcoming Year: 2012
Dragon- Pro: Hate Gossip, Leaders, Like things Perfect Con: Arrogant, Impatient, Over confident. Upcoming Year: 2013
Snake- Pro: Good temper, Communicating skills, good at keeping goals. Con: Jealous, Suspicious Upcoming Year: 2014
Horse- Pro: Clever, Kind, Perceptive, Leaders, Cheerful Con: Talk too much, bad at finances, Independent Upcoming Year: 2015
Sheep- Pro: Tender, Polite, Wise, Economical Con: Shy, Moody, Indecisive, Over Sensitive, Closed off about love. Upcoming Year: 2016
Monkey- Pro: Lively, Flexible, Versatile. Con: Jealous, suspicious, cunning, selfish. Upcoming Year: 2017
Rooster- Pro: Thinkers, Honest, Bright, Warmhearted. Con: Easily lose interest, critical, selfish. Upcoming Year: 2018
Dog- Pro: Loving, Faithful, Confident, Good Leaders Con: Stubborn, lack stability Upcoming Year: 2019
Pig- Pro: Honest, Frank, Friendly, Sweet Con: Naïve, Hot tempered, impulsive, prank people. Upcoming Year: 2020

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