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Different Grades of Jade
Type A jadeite has not been treated in any way except surface waxing.
Type B the impregnation of died polymers into the jade colors it.
Type C jade has been artificially stained or dyed. The effects are somewhat uncontrollable and may result in a dull brown. In any case, translucency is usually lost.
B+C jade is a combination of B and C- has been both artificially dyed as well as impregnated.
Type D- this is a jade top with a plastic backing.

This is a link that details this history of chinese jade-

The "Six Ritual Jades"-

bi- a flat disk with a hole in its center. Represents the heavens. Reserved for barons.

Hu- flat and circular. Represents west

Cong- a ring cuff shape. Represents earth.

huang- a flat, half-ring pendant. Represents the north. Reserved for dukes

gui- flat and blade like. Represents the east. Reserved for earls.

zhang- Flat and blade like. Represents south. Reserved for the king.

Jade Jewelry-

Jade Care-

1. Jade is delicate- avoid bumping it. Although sometimes a crack cannot be seen by the naked eye, the interior structure may have been damaged. As time goes on, it will appear and reduce the value of the piece.

2. Jade is porous so its important not to let it become greasy.

3. When not in use store in a box away from sunlight.

4. Avoid perfume, perspiration or chemicals. The brightness of jade risks corrosion, especially emerald and other high quality jade.

5. Avoid long periods of sunlight for a long time, or it may expand and the quality will change slightly.

6. Jade has certain water content so keep it in an area of humidity to protect it from over-drying.

Folk lore and Jade Legends-

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