Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best Quality

When I first read this chapter, I noticed the emphasis characters were putting on the "crabs" they ate for dinner. While researching, the chapter begun to make more since. The symbolism of the crab is very big in chinese. The crab represents success, prosperity, and high status. Many of the Chinese wear crabs as charms to express a desire for peace. In the chapter Waverly made sure the crabs of "Best Quality" went her daughter first, then herself, and then Rich. The Chinese symbolism of the crab played a big role in the choosing of the crab with "Best Quality", which is also the name of the chapter. Early in the chapter, Suyuan explained that the feistiest crabs are of the best quality; even beggars would reject a crab that has died before being cooked. This again shows the importance of a crab in Chinese culture. Not even a man with no food wants a bad crab. Every person wants success, prosperity, and high status.

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