Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Four directions quizlet

Four Directions

A Pair of Tickets


Reunited by Peaches and Herb is a great song that relates to the final chapter of the novel. The song is a very smoothing and relaxing song, much like the final chapter "A Pair of Tickets." The final chapter put a final stamp on the search for Jing Mei's lost sisters, and more importantly, an end to her search for her Chinese identity. It was a great closure for the book. This song gave me the same type of feeling as when i read the final chapter. It was kind of a stress relieving song much like the end of final chapter, as the reader see's Jing Mei's life go so up and down on her quest for Chinese identity. She reunited with her identity and it felt good for her, and also me, as the reader. We finally get to see her smiling and happy. This song makes me smile.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Pair of Tickets & Double Face

Double Face


This link discusses the different customs and traditions of Chinese weddings and honeymoons. In "Double Face", wedding are part of the setting and in my opinion, they reflect Lindo Jong's pride and authenticity to her Chinese heritage.

Magpies Quizlet

"Best Quality"

Double Face poem

My Daughter

I look in the mirror

And me is all i see

I'm proud of my daughter

Yet she's ashamed of me

The nose, it crooked

My daughter will follow my path

I'll name her Waverly

From the Chinese identity, She can Dash

My darling baby

Cosmic surgery is what you need

(Sigh) no mama,

It makes me look Chinese.