Sunday, March 11, 2012

Waiting between Trees, Magpies and Two Tickets

This is from Two Tickets, it's a polaroid picture of the three sisters meeting for the first time. At the bottom of the picture there's the quote about the polaroid specifically and about them recognizing each other for the first time and seeing their mother in their faces.

This image is from Magpies. It's a drawing of the girl crying tears which are eaten by a turtle. The turtle coughs up tiny pearls which grow into eggs. Magpies emerge from the eggs and feed off of the young girl's tears, creating a cycle. It represents how other's feed off of someone's tears, and why crying does nothing but benefit the people around you.

by clicking on the picture, it'll enlarge and you'll be able to read the paragraph from the book as well as a description of the Tiger Zodiac.

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