Thursday, March 8, 2012

Double Face Poem

Maura Gunter
Double Face Poem
Ripped apart from our village.
Sent to a new one.
We are one.
Language, customs, and tradition. All different.
The only thing connecting us.
They took the worst parts of china-the crowded streets, the smell- and placed them
inside China Town.
No ponds, no gardens, no meditation.
This is where we became one. We are the same.
He made this land a home by adding a spouse.
You will never forget where you are from, for it is simply your name.
Waverly St. is the street we lived on. Waverly is who you are. Waverly is where you
Even when you leave you will take a piece of me with you.
The same
My nose- crooked.
I subtracted prayers to god.
Your nose. Defied genetics. Somehow, from somewhere.
It too, is crooked.

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