Sunday, March 4, 2012

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This link describes the traditional food Koreans eat when they celebrate a new year. They beleive that eating the snow crab's meat will provide them with 12 months of excellent health. The chemical coumpounds that are found in the snow crab are believed to break down cholestorol, clean the liver and purify the body for a fresh start to the new year
In the book, the Chinese eat crab as well to kick off the new year.

In the book Waverly makes fun of Jing Mei for going to her gay hair stylist implying the stylist has AIDS. I thought that this link about Statistics of HIV and AIDS is really interesting because it shows true numbers of people who are gay that have been infected

Asian Americans are the lowest ethnicity group that are infected. Asians are less than 20%

I thought this link was very intriguing because it describes that there is in fact a way you can contract HIV through cutting hair. If a barber does not properly dispose of a utensil that leaves an abrasion and if that person is HIV positive there is a possibility that the virus will stay on the sharp tool and will be transmissed to someone else. There have specific cases of this is countries in Africa and Asia, because of poor hygiene and the repetiveness of re-usable cutting tools.

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