Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Double face

I though all the things Lindo thought Chinese people had to do in america was really interesting, sad, and  overly stereo typical.  I took all the things she said and made it into a sarcastic guide book for chinese people in america and american people in China.  I think when looking at the guide you can realize the issues with all of this fuss between the cultures.   I believe understanding the culture shock and differences is an important part of this book.

Guide for Americans in China:
Step 1: Don’t even try to act Chinese everyone knows your american
Guide for Chinese in America:
Step 1: Hide true self
Step 2: Hire girl to teach you to be American
Step 3: Say you admire their schools.
Step 4: Say you admire their ways of thinking.
Step 5: Say you want to be a scholar.
Step 6: Say you want to go back to China and teach people what you have learned.
Step 7: Say you want to study religion.
Step 8 : Say “I’m going for Gods sake.
End here unless you insert more money.

Step 9: Know how to write you name, birthdate, birthplace, and occupation (by the way say student of theology).
End Here unless you insert more money

Step 10: Obtain list of addresses for connections in San Fransisco
Bonus Step free of charge!: Find a Chinese American citizen and marry him. (If not a citizen quickly have a child)

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