Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best Quality - 3/5/12 - Poem: Limerick

My mother gave me a jade pendant,
Right before her life was ended;
It was too large and too green,
An old miserable thing,
Unfortunately, it was my jade pendant.

A bartender wore the same one as me,
And yes, it was too large and too green;
I then asked him why,
He looked at the sky,
He shrugged, didn't know, the same boat as me.

Before my mom died, we went to the market,
Crabs, so bright, were an easy target;
I picked it up by the head,
It was missing a leg!
But we still took it from the market.

At dinner, I saw Waverly Jong,
That whore, we never got along;
I made a mean joke,
Only to provoke,
That mean old Waverly Jong.

The plate was filled with crabs, so meaty.
Waverly took the biggest one, how greedy!
The plate got to me,
And what did I see?
A leg missing, a crab not too meaty.

After dinner, mom and I discussed,
How could I fight with Waverly? Such a terrible fuss;
I was smarter, she hinted,
And said I thought different,
And that Waverly couldn't come between us.

My father hasn't done well since mom died,
He doesn't eat, though I think he's tried;
I made the bean-curd dish,
and with an obsurd hiss,
The tomcat stood there; alive!

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