Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Without Wood-Poem

My eyes opened after three days of fake sleep, in time to see the darkness.
I kept falling and sinking.
I got tired of always being on the way down.
All I wanted to do was attack the dark, dreamless land; the same way the impatient garden had begun to attack my home.
My home that used to be our home.
An undeniable force continued to pull me down.
I feared that I would forever be enclosed in foreign darkness.
Falling through nothing.
$10,000 is nothing.
Ted is nothing.
I am nothing.
And the garden is wild.
The artificial night reminded me of the good that turned bad, the bad that tried to be good.
I had abandoned the garden. I intentionally left it alone to live, and to die.
Twisted roots had grown so far into the ground, holding on to something that could not be released.
Beauty had arisen from neglect and disgrace.
And yet, all the effort devoted to Ted left me with a marriage to paper and a casual eviction.
He took me from what I thought I knew.
But now I know the darkness, and he will not rid me of that.

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