Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Four Directions - 2/27/12 - Acronym: "And Nobody Protested" (173)

After all of my hard work, my mother never appreciated what I did. She never understood.
Never did she ask if I was tired, or if I needed a break. She always assumed I was willing.
During those miserable years, she continuously tore me down, even after I built myself back up.

Never did I think someone would accept me for me; with all of my flaws.
Of course he isn't Chinese; but he has a boyish charm, and looks at me with such a pure love.
Bearing with all of the insults that come from my mother must be very difficult, even for him.
Over and over, she pounds him with questions, unnecessary comments meant to hurt.
Derived from her evil mind, her opinions could end my beautiful marriage.
Yet, I'm not worried. He has such a strong love for me; nothing could break the bond we share.

Perhaps she expects me to be someone I'm not. What else can I do?
Restart my chess career? Become the chess champion that she was so proud of?
Or maybe apologize for running away from her in the market?
Tears flow down my face when night falls, because it seems as if I've tried everything.
Early mornings with puffy eyes seem to be a ritual.
Still, I can't help but to have this feeling of hatred.
Towards her? No; but towards her ideas and why she believes she knows everything, yes.
Every day since I lost my touch with that black and white board has been a struggle.
Defiantly, I stand tall. I'll be the one to protest a peaceful relationship with my mother.

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