Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Without Wood and Four Directions

click the writing below to see a bigger version of each image. These are from the last two readings.

Old Mr. Chou is the man who guards the door to Rose's dreams. Mr. Chou and Rose's mother are behind her door, waiting for Rose to fall asleep and dream. In her dreams, or nightmares, Rose is in a backyard with rows of square sandboxes. In each sandbox there's a new doll. Rose knows which doll her mother expects her to pick, so she picks another doll, then runs off. As she's running, her mother yells at her to stop, and chastises her for not listening to her mother. Rose suddenly becomes paralyzed and is too scared to move in any direction.

Waverly is a rabbit, born in 1951, while her mother is a Horse. According to these zodiacs, Horses and Rabbits aren't supposed to get along because of their clashing characteristics. The horse is strong, and frank to the point of tactlessness while the rabbit is supposed to be sensitive with tendencies toward being thin-skinned and skittery at the first sign of criticism.

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