Monday, February 27, 2012

Links Four Directions
This link is a bbc article about the psychology of parents dealing with child prodigies. I thought this was relevant to the chapter because Waverly was a child chess prodigy.  I found it interesting and sad that she latter stopped playing all together.  The article gives a couple examples of child prodigies: A young swimmer in San Francisco, a young bullfighter in Spain, and even Tiger Woods.  The article argues that it is important for the kid to hold the passion, and for parents to not pressure their kid. The article also says that parents shouldn't live through their child's achievements like Waverly's mother did.
This is a blog post which includes a recipe about the pork and preserved vegetable dish that Lindo secretly thinks is one of her best dishes, but--seeking for complements--exclaims that is uneatable.
This is sort of an interesting article about eating in china, and what is proper etiquette.  I thought the cultural differences at the dinner table were very interesting. To list a couple that I found particularly interesting:  Seating by rank at banquets is important,  Set times for meals are very important, and drinking alcohol is very closely watched (Waverly's husband drinks too much wine for proper etiquette).
Here is another really interesting article about the psychology of child prodigies.  This article also stresses the roles of parenting child prodigies.  Parent who give an open (stress free) environment to learn are more likely to not ruin child prodigies. I also thought an interesting part of the article explained how the parents occupation was usually what the prodigy is good as, for instance Van Gogh's father was a painter, and Mozart's dad was a musician.

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