Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Kinds Songs

Two Kinds
Pleading Child and Perfectly Content from Scenes from Childhood by Robert Schumann

These two songs are a direct parallel to the story, Two Kinds. Two Kinds relates to the daughter but also the two songs. Both the song and the daughter goes through a transformation and becomes something totally different. The songs also represent the life of the daughter. The first song is very melancholy, sad, slow and dissonant while the second song is more happy and fast paced. This represents the character because in the beginning she was a very angsty girl, like the first song, and later she accepts who she is and moves on with her life and is no longer burdened by her mother or the piano. This is the second song. These two songs represent the two different stages which she went through in her life. The names of the songs also relate to her life; Pleading Child is the younger character while Perfectly Content is the character when she is older.

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