Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rice Husband Links Luke
Lena St. Clair mentions this saying, "
Chunwang chihan: If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold" (p. 149) in the first paragraph of this section. She says that she supposes it means "one thing is always the result of the other" (p. 149). It seemed to me that this was not all that saying could mean, so I thought I would look it up, also because apparently she doesn't know what it means, but guessed, and I was wondering if she was right.
It turns out that she wasn't, and that the saying means that when one side of a relationship is hurt the other is always affected. That is very consistent with the whole Chinese emphasis on balance. What this actually means is not too far off from what she thought.
Lena's father gave her mother a philodendron plant, and I had no idea what it was, so I thought I'd include it on the list of links and find out what it is.
When I read that Lena named her cat Mirugai (p. 150), I thought it might have some significance as that is not a very common name for a cat. I googled it, and all I really found that it is a giant clam of some sorts called a geoduck (it's mirugai in Japan, i believe it said). Perhaps there is some other meaning that I still did not find.

I didn't know what pock-marks were (mentioned on p. 151 in relation to Arnold's face), so I googled it out of curiosity. It's acne scarring. I thought it might be that. I'll probably have some of that. :p
In the reading it mentions leprosy and the Africans who had it and how she wish that Arnold would get it. I don't really know what leprosy is, but have heard it mentioned a lot... so I googled it!

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